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AMS Getränketechnik GmbH


AMS "Sansiba" Linear Filler:



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Fully-automatic filling machine:

>> Rated capacity: max 1.500 Bph

>> Delivery ready for use

We have developed this small linear filler that gives breweries the chance to fill their good-brewed beer in bottles using the best method, that maintains the quality of the beer. Due to its great versatility this linear filler is ideal for small and large breweries.


Why AMS?


Our machines have a high safety and quality standard. Standardized machine components from leading manufacturers, high quality seals and materials provide and guarantee a smooth operation. Excluding parts that are in contact with the filling medium, the system is manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301. All components in contact with the filling medium are manufactured in stainless steel 1.4404.


Filling valves


The linear filling system uses state of the art electropneumatic filling valves. A revolutionary advancement in valve design, the filling valve has a double pre-evacuation and rinsing funtion. Ensuring the best filling quality and precise filling level.



LF 5

LF 8

Number of locations



Rated capacity (0,33 L)

940 Bph *)

1.500 Bph *)

Rated capacity (0,50 L)

815 Bph *)

1.300 Bph *)

Rated capacity (0,75 L)

690 Bph *)

1.100 Bph *)

Rated capacity (1,0 L)

560 Bph *)

900 Bph *)


2.840 mm

4.480 mm


2.920 mm


2.380 mm


1.900 kg

2.200 kg

Power consumption

max. 13 kW

Operating voltage

400 V, 50 Hz

Control voltage

24 V=

Control air

5,5 … 10 bar

  *)  Under optimal conditions (depending on foam behavior, CO ² content and filling temperature of the liquid).




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