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        AMS has been awarded for health promotion






On 14.03.2018, the Regional Health Insurance Fund in Upper Austria has awarded selected companies for their workplace health promotion. Due of various projects in our company, we have been awarded for paying attention about the health care and ergonomic workplaces. With the help of a special trained coach for health care issues, we have optimized our work processes and the working atmosphere in our company.




(Article created 03.2018)

        Fair announcement Brau Beviale 2018




The Brau Beviale fair reopens its doors between 13. – 15. November 2018 and will show a big range of raw materials for beverages, technologies, logistics and marketing. As in the trade fairs in recent years, we will be present again this year. We are looking forward to your visit!



See you there!




(Article created 01.2018)

        Do you have problems with the plastic heads or rubber seals? We have found the solution!






If you are one of the filling plants who have been struggling with the problem of broken porcelain heads or leaky rubber seals for a long time, we can help you in two ways. In order to sort out all bad, broken or closures with wrong logo in advance, we are pleased to offer you a rubber seal inspection machine called DGI. This machine is equipped with a camera inspection for the rubber gasket. Optionally you can upgrade this machine with an additional inspection for logo or head shape. Our inspection machines are available in different sizes and rated capacities.


If you would like to change the rubber gaskets on all already used swing-top bottles, we offer you our new rubber seal changing machine DGW. After removing the gaskets, we instantly clean the plastic head with brushes. Afterwards we put a new rubber seal on the head. The nominal output of the changing machine DGW is up to 10.000 bottles per hour.


If we have aroused your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would help you with pleasure!


(Article created 01.2018)

        New YouTube - channel






A few weeks ago, we have uploaded new product videos to our YouTube channel and we already thank you for the numerous visitors and video views. You will see videos from our swing-top sorting & mounting machine, linear filler, rotary opener and swing-top closing machine in all available sizes. If you need further information or you have questions about our products, we are looking forward to receive your inquiry. We are always at your disposal.






We are looking forward to your visit on our channel!


(Article created 01.2018)

        New machine size for rated capacity of 18.000 bottles per hour

As of now, we have developed a new size for our swing-top closing machine range. With a pitch circle of 1400 mm and 24 positions, this single carousel closing machine is designed for a rated capacity of 18.000 bottles per hour. The control range of this machine is between 6.000 and 19.000 bottles per hour.


The first machine of this size will start summer 2018 in Switzerland. We are looking forward to this assignment.


If you need further information about our closing machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


(Article created 01.2018)

        New swing-top closing machine for Brasserie Franches Montagnes






We have already written in our last newspaper 2017 about the new project with brewery “Brasserie Franches Montagnes” and the commissioning of the new swing-top closing machine for a rated capacity of 6.000 bottles per hour. In cooperation with a German general contractor, this project will be completed in April 2018. The Brewery is now the current owner of the first ever-built AMS swing-top closing machine 001 from 1995 and we are looking forward to the training and commissioning to show all new hygiene optimisations to the brewery staff.



(Article created 01.2018)

        Step closing machine for French brewery






In march 2018, we will put a new step closing machine into operation at a French brewery. The brewery “Ferme Brasserie du Vexin” will change their semi-automatic closing machine, which they have used for a long time and is approaching now the step of fully automatic closing the swing-top bottles.



We are looking forward again to a great collaboration!



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