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        Ganter brewery invests further in a new bottling line









Following the successful reorientation of the Ganter brewery and current modernisation of the bottling line, the brewery placed an order for a new Swing-Stop Closing Machine with latest hygienic technology in April 2015. The rated capacity of the closing machine is 10,000 bottles / hour. With this investment, the Ganter brewery wants to bring the previously outsourced bottle filling line back into the Schwarzwaldstraße to Freiburg.



Date of dispatch: September 2015




(Article created 06.2015)

        Project: Storeroom expansion at AMS Getränketechnik


In late summer 2014 we expanded our existing storage space. The annex, consisting of 39 containers on three levels, is space-efficient, flexible, and was completed ahead of schedule. With this new extension, we will be able to improve our existing manufacturing process, creating neater and more efficient machines for the future. We will also be able to meet our customer’s service and spare part needs quicker and easier.




(Article created 03.2015)

        Kössel Bräu in Germany close now full automatically



In December 2013 a new AMS Swing-Stop Closing Machine with a nominal capacity of 4000 bottles per hour, a rejection table and a new conveyor system were purchased. The new closing machine includes a number of new AMS developments including: the new hygiene tunnel with rotating flushing system, electro-polished machine table, and electro-polished main conveyor star. As with all new AMS machines a Bernecker & Rainer (B & R) control and visualization system was used.


The project was completed on time in May 2014 and after the subsequent installation and commissioning of the closing machine and conveyor system, carried out in partnership with our German service engineer Udo Reichardt, a very satisfied Kössel family could once again start production at the brewery.




(Article created 03.2015)

        Traditional brewery in Switzerland trusts in Austrian closing technology






At the Nuremberg exhibition Brau Beviale 2014, the Swiss brewery "Müller Bräu" placed an order for a new Swing-Stop Closing Machine. The order includes a new machine with our latest Hygiene technology and a rejection table with a capacity of 10,000 bottles / hour.



Date of dispatch: September 2015




(Article created 03.2015)

        Successful commissioning for swing stopper seperating and mounting machine at Audebert Boissons







Last year we successfully commissioned our first fully automated swing-stop sorting, mounting and closing production line for the company Audebert Boissons in France. The line included a swing top closing machine with a capacity of 6000 bottles / hour and our new sorting and mounting machine with a capacity of 2500 bottles / hour.


You can see a video from the production line at Audebert Boissons on our YouTube channel.



(Article created 03.2015)

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