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        New swing-top mounting machine BMM for Afanasy Brauerei






After two previously delivered swing-top closing machines in 2016 and 2017, a new swing-top mounting machine with a rated capacity of 2,250 bottles per hour will follow in December 2019. This investment should be a first step towards to a fully-automatic swing stopper mounting on bottles in their bottling line in Tver, Russia. We are looking forward to the commissioning of this mounting machine this winter.




(Article created 08.2019)

        Swing-top closing machine BV24 / 18.000 with integrated rubber seal inspection for BERNARD brewery






At this year's BRAU BEVIALE fair 2019, we will exhibit a 24-head closing machine with integrated rubber seal inspection, which will be delivered to the traditional Czech brewery BERNARD next year. The rated capacity of this machine is 18,000 bottles per hour and should achieve a detection rate of > 96% for dirty, moldy or broken rubber seals.


We are looking forward to a good cooperation!


(Article created 08.2019)

        2 new swing-top closing machines BV8 / 6.000






This spring, two new closing machines were sold in one fell swoop. The Swiss brewery „Felsenau”, based in Bern, will close the swing-top bottles with the latest AMS technology. So far they used a former capper model built in 1997 by AMS, which has already found a new owner in Germany.





Even the small but fine Austrian brewery “Storchenbräu” has enjoyed the automatic closing of swing stopper bottles. Until this summer they closed their bottles by hand. The performance of both closing machines is 6,000 bottles per hour.



(Article created 08.2019)

        PRODUCT NEWS: Rubber seal inspection machine DGI – rated capacity: 12.000 bottles per hour





Since our announcement last year at the Brau Beviale 2018, we got a lot of requests and positive feedback about our newly developed rubber seal inspection machine. After the quick installation and start-up of our first inspection machine at the German brewery “Härle” we passed the inspector to the well experienced brewery team.


You will find on our YouTube channel our latest product video about this inspector machine. We kindly invite interested customers to visit the Härle brewery to convince themselves about our quality and reliability of the inspection machine.



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        New YouTube - channel






A few weeks ago, we have uploaded new product videos to our YouTube channel and we already thank you for the numerous visitors and video views. You will see videos from our swing-top sorting & mounting machine, linear filler, rotary opener and swing-top closing machine in all available sizes. If you need further information or you have questions about our products, we are looking forward to receive your inquiry. We are always at your disposal.






We are looking forward to your visit on our channel!


(Article created 08.2019)

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