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Logo & rubber seal inspection:

Follow the link below for the brochure containing technical information:

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The swing stopper bottles get aligned the same way as in our closing machines. After aligning the bottles, we move up the closure cap and turn down the rubber seal. Following the top side of the cap and the rubber seal get inspected and analyzed.


Camera 1:


The first camera is mounted after the hygienic tunnel underneath the carousel to inspect the swing stoppers on the bottom side (rubber seal). The following criteria can be controlled:

  - Damage to the nipple
  - Damage to the rubber seal
  - Condition of the seal
    (Discolouration, soiling, mold)






Camera 2:


The second camera is mounted on the hygienic tunnel to inspect the logo of the swing stopper head. The following criteria can be controlled:

  - Roundness of Cap
  - Logo
  - Damage of Cap





The control panel for the camera system is mounted on the machine enclosure. Over the user friendly interface, live images direct from the camera are displayed, inlcluding the evaluation results for each individual swing stopper. For a better overview and a more detailed analysis of production statics, the history function can be used to review over a specific time period.








You can teach the system maximum 5 logos. They are controlled and treated as "good" at the same time.

  All elements are made from rust-proof stainless steel (1.4301) and hard-wearing, durable plastic (PAS 10 and PAX LX). Soiling can be rinsed off with hot water (up to 90° C). The moisture created by this acts as a lubricant when the plant is re-started. The lower part of the plant is formed by a solid frame which is welded together from NIRO stainless steel tubes. The upper part of the plant is fitted with a transparent protective covering as standard.
Available machine sizes:


Inspection machine

Number of locations







Rated capacity

6.500 Bph

13.000 Bph

16.000 Bph

19.000 Bph

26.000 Bph

32.000 Bph




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