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 Swing Stopper Separating & Mounting Machine

Follow the link below for the brochure containing technical information on rated capacity, overall dimensions and power consumption:

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This system sorts and separates the swing stoppers. The stoppers (supplied in cartons or bags) are emptied on to a conveyor belt and sorted by the drum. The stoppers fall on to a second conveyor, are picked-up by a robotic arm and loaded into the chain conveyor. Before being mounted by the swing stopper mounting machine the stoppers pass through a turning device.


Swing stopper distributor

The stoppers are placed on the conveyor belt ready for loading.  A quantity detection system monitors the number of stoppers in the drum and alters the feed rate accordingly.


By rotating the drum, the stoppers fall piece by piece on to the second conveyor belt.



A camera system detects the swing stoppers on the conveyor belt and sends the position to the handling system. The robotic arm picks single stoppers up and loads it into the chain conveyor. Misaligned or connected stoppers stay on the conveyor belt and are returned to the rotating drum for additional sorting.


Turning device

The chain conveyor transfers the stopper to the mounting machine. The orientation of the stoppers is checked by sensors and if necessary rotated in the turning device.


Why AMS?

Our systems have a high standard of safety and quality. The modular components are specifically designed to fit your bottle size. This allows us to ensure the maximum rate of closing. All elements are made from stainless steel (1.4301) and plastic material with good sliding properties (such as PAS 10 and PAX LX). Soiled parts can be rinsed off with hot water (up to 90°C). The moisture acts as a lubricant when the equipment is restarted.

Noise protection cladding

The system is fitted by default with a transparent safety cladding made of single-pane safety glass (SSG) in accordance with DIN 12150-1. Noise emissions are reduced as a result and the operator is isolated from the hazard zone.

If desired, we also offer the enclosure with composite safety glass (CSG) in accordance with DIN 12543-2.

Benefits of CSG: - CSG is a laminate safety glass that does not shatter when broken. Reducing the risk of injury in the case of an accident.




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