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  Swing Stopper Rotary Opener:

Follow the link below for the brochure containing technical information on rated capacity, overall dimensions and power consumption.

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  Suitable for opening bottles (DIN 6094) with swing stoppers (DIN 5097) and rubber seals (DIN 7750)

The unpacked, closed bottles are transported by an infeed worm from the conveyer belt to the rotating bottle alignment star via a clamping star. A height-check sensor recognises possible open bottles and routes these directly through the swing stopper opener to the conveyer belt, which can then be processed by an operator. If the bottle is closed, the alignment star positions the bottle so that the clip is oriented towards the centre of the star. When positioned in this way, the bottle is then transferred to the opening star. In the opening star, a pneumatic cylinder is guided on to the neck of the bottle by means of a connecting disk.


A special component then presses a number of times with increasing pressure against the swing stopper clip in order to ensure that the rubber seal does not remain stuck to the neck of the bottle. Afterwards, the striker is pressed against the mouth.


Should a bottle not be aligned due to a clip being overly bent, and therefore wrongly positioned in the opening star, the opening cylinder acts like a safety spring and retracts in order to prevent bottle breakage.

  The AMS swing stopper rotary opener a fully automated swing stopper opening machine, equipped with 10 opening elements. The elements are made from rust-proof stainless steel (1.4301), aluminium and plastic with the very best storing capacities (such as PAS 10 and PAS LX). Soiling can be rinsed off with hot water (up to 90° C).
The moisture created by this acts as a lubricant when the plant is re-started. The lower part of the plant is formed of a solid frame which is welded together from rust-proof stainless steel tubes. The upper part of the plant is fitted with a transparent protective covering as standard.


RBÖ 10

RBÖ 20

Number of locations



Rated capacity

10.000 Bph

18.000 Bph


1.480 mm

2.700 mm


2.170 mm

2.500 mm


2.000 mm

2.500 mm


1.000 kg

4.700 kg



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