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Swing Stopper Mounting Machine (semi-automatic):

Follow the link below for the brochure containing technical information on rated capacity, overall dimensions and power consumption:

 >>open the brochure (.pdf)<<



This system automatically mounts the swing stoppers on the bottles. There is the possibility to insert the stoppers by hand into the guide element, or we automatically sort the stoppers by the separation.



Sensors on the conveyor detect the arrival of the bottles and automatically start the assembly process.


The main star takes the bottle from the conveyor and puts it on the turntable.


Mounting process

The turntable moves up and pushes the bottle against the locating pin. A secondary tracer pin moves to the rotating bottle. It turns on the bottle head until it finds the hole for the clasp. Now, the bottle is correctly oriented the stopper is automatically mounted to the bottle. The main star then gives the bottle back to the the conveyor.


A simple change of modular components

The process components on the machine are modular. They are fixed to the system with clamping levers and can be interchanged to suit various bottle sizes. This facilitates quick and accurate replacement of process parts. In case of multiple bottle types, the clamping levers are clearly identified using a colour coordinated system to prevent incorrect mounting.



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