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Swing Stopper Closing Machine "Single Carousel":


Suitable for bottles with plastic head swing stoppers (conical or flat shape) or porcelain head swing stoppers with rubber seals.
The pre-filled bottles are transported by an infeed worm from the conveyer belt to the rotating in-feed star. This passes the bottles to the rotating conveying star, which transports the bottles through the individual stations. The bottles stand on a turntable and are initially guided along the bottle alignment rail. Here, the bottle is slowed down by a belt and is forced to rotate. When the bottle reaches the correct position, the clip is fixed into the guide. In the next station, the stopper is positioned onto the mouth of the bottle. The swing top is then pressed down by a pneumatically operated locking barrel, and finally the bottle is returned to the conveyer belt by an out-feed star.
All elements are made from rust-proof stainless steel (1.4301) and hard-wearing, durable plastic (PAS 10 and PAX LX). Soiling can be rinsed off with hot water (up to 90° C). The moisture created by this acts as a lubricant when the plant is re-started. The lower part of the plant is formed by a solid frame which is welded together from NIRO stainless steel tubes. The upper part of the plant is fitted with a transparent protective covering as standard.


BV 8  *)

BV 12

BV 15

BV 20

Number of locations





Rated capacity

6.000 Bph *)

10.000 Bph

12.000 Bph

15.000 Bph

Max. capacity

7.000 Bph

11.000 Bph

13.500 Bph

16.000 Bph


1.860 mm

1.860 mm

2.250 mm


1.755 mm

2.070 mm

2.400 mm


2.700 mm


1.400 kg

1.700 kg

2.600 kg

3.500 kg

Power consumption

max. 4,5 kW

Operating voltage

400 V, 50 Hz

Control voltage

24 V=

Control air

5,5 … 10 bar

*)  Up to a rated capacity of 4,000 bottes / hour this machine is fitted with the depositoy "claw" for the cycle machine
(maximum capacity 4,800 bottles / hour).


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