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    Swing Stopper Closing Machine "Tom Thumb":


Suitable for bottles with plastic head swing stoppers (conical or flat shape) or porcelain head swing stoppers with rubber seals.

The already filled bottle is passed to the conveyor, where an operator puts the swing top on the mouth manually and orientates the bottle in the correct position. Afterwards the swing top is pneumatically pressed down into the close position by a closing unit located above the bottle. Optional swing top-tension control: After the bottle is closed, it is held and the pneumatically operated tension controller presses against the swing top with a defined pressure. This ensures the swing top can not be opened with a pressure lower than defined. If the swing top is opened by the tension controller it is passed into a collection area, the swing top is replaced and closed by hand.


The semiautomatic swingstopper is equipped with 1 closing element. All elements are made from stainless steel (1.4301) and plastic material with good sliding properties (such as PAS 10 and PAX LX). Soiled parts can be rinsed off with hot water (up to 90°C). The moisture acts as a lubricant when the equipment is restarted. The machine is provided with a transparent protective enclosure.



Tom Thumb

Number of locations


Rated capacity

2.000 Bph

Max. capacity

2.500 Bph


2.000 mm


600 mm


990 mm


200 kg

Power consumption

max. 0,5 kW

Operating voltage

230 V, 50 Hz

Control voltage

24 V=

Control air

5,5 … 10 bar


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